Step #1

Download the app and install it on your phone. Confirm the permissions requested during installation.

Step #2

Download and install the program suitable for your operating system on your computer. If required, give the necessary permissions for the firewall.

Step #3

Make sure your mobile phone and computer are connected to the same network. Enter your computer's IP information in the settings screen of your mobile phone.

Configuration after

Make a note of the IP information that appears in the Mobile Touchpad program you run on your computer. Enter the settings screen by pressing the gear button on the Mobile Touchpad application on your mobile phone. Type the IP information in this field and press the confirm button. That is all.

see questions

Why can't I control the mouse even though I entered the IP information correctly in the settings screen after the installation?

If your computer and phone are not connected to the same network, they cannot communicate with each other. If the IP addresses of your computer and phone look very different from each other, changing your network settings to receive IP automatically will solve your problem.

I can control the mouse, but there are jump and cuts while moving?

Check the apps running in the background on your phone and computer and turn off unnecessary ones. Since the network you are connected to is used extensively, data transfer may be slow. Usually, restarting your modem, computer or mobile phone will fix the problem.

I have problems other than the topics described here, how can I contact you?

You can write to us by sending an e-mail to We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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